Wellicy Super Chew 1050mg

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1050MG of Broad Spectrum CBD (THC Free)
The time has finally come for us to introduce the all new Wellicy CBD Super Chews!

We took our time perfecting these delicious CBD edible gummies. We knew what we were looking for and we weren't going to stop until we had it!

Perfect for veterans, new comers, and anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of CBD!

Each Wellicy CBD Super Chew is jam packed with a substantial 35mg of high quality, Colorado sourced, THC free broad spectrum CBD oil!

The Wellicy CBD Super Chews can be used for a multitude of things.

For example, you can take 1 of these CBD gummies before bed for better sleep, or take a gummy after an intense workout to sooth your muscles!

No matter the situation, Wellicy CBD Super Chews are here to help!

However, in order to create a truly great product, we needed to combine the incredible powers of CBD with mouthwatering flavors.